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Fleet and Vehicle Graphics Dubai

The use of designated vehicles by business establishments to deliver goods, meet people, or attend events has been in practice for years. A designated vehicle helps in getting the job done quickly without having to rely on rental services. In recent years, companies have started to use their company vehicles as advertising tools for their services. Our team at Igraphics, strives to make the full use of available resources for our valued customers and offer amazing Vehicle Graphics Dubai service to transform your vehicle into a Graphics Vehicle. With the help of personalized vehicles, the opportunities for company branding grow tremendously. While the vehicle will be used to carry out official duties, it will simultaneously showcase your services to potential customers. You can add valuable company information on the graphics vehicle and can decorate it with

Company name:

If you want to go minimal and just want to make your company name visible, you can opt for it in the Graphics Vehicle. It is the basic information and must be put to display.


You can display your contact no, website address or social media handles so that customers may have a clear idea of how to reach you.


If you have a catchy slogan or catchphrase associated with your work, you can display it here.

Special Offers:

If you are in retail, it is the ideal place to announce discount offers, Prizes, and sale season. The graphics vehicles are powerful and cost-effective tools of advertising. They serve the main purpose as hoardings i.e. to attract customers and introduce your services but since hoardings are fixated, their outreach is limited. On the other, the graphic vehicle can roam around anywhere in the city and can showcase your work to a large group of audience. Our Igraphics team offers to build customized graphics depending on the nature of the business of our clients. While they can be used by just anyone, it ideal for food delivery companies, media, tourist companies, restaurants, technology firms, and many others.

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