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What makes a bad Signage ?

Signages are in use for years as an effective tool of marketing by attracting more customers, communicating with them, and creating brand awareness. However, if you still witness no change in your customers' turnout despite spending a hefty amount with the signage company dubai then maybe you need to have a look at your signage. On one hand, signage can act as a driving force to bring more customers, but if not done right it can cause much damage and embarrassment for the company. In this post, we will detail what makes a bad sign board sharjah.

Lack of Clarity in Message

No matter how much you have paid to acquire space, develop a size, or invest in high-resolution pictures, your signage means nothing if it lacks clarity in the message. If the customer is unable to know what the signage is about, it means your effort has failed. Keep your message short and readable.

Hard to read

If even you have managed to create a catch message for your signage, if the customer is unable to read it there is no use of signage. There are many factors behind readers’ inability to read the message;

  • Complex words
  • Unclear font
  • Too many fonts
  • Font size too small to read
  • Improper size
  • Poor lamination
  • Poor contrast of text and background

The content of the signage should be based on using small phrases, simple words, bold letters to make it readable from afar. Moreover, it should also be well-illuminated to be understood in the dark.

Dirty Sign

Proper maintenance of the signage is also crucial. If the signage is dirty or has become rusted over time it is unlikely to catch the attention of the passersby. To make it look attractive, the owners should arrange regular cleaning, fixing of the lights, and repainting where required.


Copycatting is not ideal in signage; it is a poor show of creativity that can potentially draw the irk of customers rather than gain their attention. To attract customers, you need to be original in your signage, slogans, themes, and logos and be careful not to copy others’ work.


To make signage attractive, the placement of the signage matters a lot. If you have placed the signage in a busy market, you should ensure that your signage is readable as well as different than others. It shouldn’t be placed in dark places that are hidden from the public eye. Look around the area and see what’s already there and how you can make your sign board sharjah different than the rest.